Teen Model of the Year @Sara.Shoe


Teen Model uses Instagram's platform in a unique way to hold daily competitions. Everyday thousands of girls tag their best photos of themselves on Instagram #teenmodel and @teenmodel.

We then sort through all of the beautiful photos that are tagged and every night at 9 pm ET one girl is chosen to the be the Model of the Day. Which leads to the Model of the Week, Model of the Month and eventually the Model of the Year contest which takes places between Christmas and New Years Day every year. 

Teen Model is open to ALL girls ages 11-19. It doesn't matter how tall you are, how long your hair is, if you're a size 2 or 22. We believe that every girl has been made in God's image, and is absolutely beautiful. 

We want every girl in the world to feel beautiful and confident. We hope to inspire every young woman to have a healthy outlook on beauty, and realize that they are beautiful inside and out. Beauty takes many different shapes and sizes which is why our slogan is "Be your own kind of beautiful." 

Model: @Sara.Shoe


"I just recently discovered this account and I already love it. It gives off such a good vibe and it just really makes me happy and hopeful to see all the positivity on this page. It is just such a positive environment. This account is just so influential in such a good, impactful way, it’s amazing. Just keep doing what y’all are doing because I promise you guys are making a huge difference with this account!<3 💘"


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Photo of Hannah Trelegan the founder and CEO of Teen Model wearing a black and white Teen Model crop top, sitting against a brick wall, smiling.

Meet the Founder & CEO, Hannah Trelegan.

Hey there, I'm Hannah Trelegan. I founded Teen Model in 2012 after recovering from a severe eating disorder that resulted from my dream of becoming a model.

I never want any young woman to go through this same experience, to feel as though they cannot do something because of the way they look. 

Which is why the mission of Teen Model is to inspire, empower and promote young women of all shapes and sizes to go after their dreams. 

I want every single young woman to realize their worth and their true beauty. God created us in His image. We are beautifully woven.


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