Gaining Confidence When it Comes to Fashion by Marissa Rose

Gaining Confidence When it Comes to Fashion by Marissa Rose

Fashion... what is fashion?

According to fashion means, "latest style." To me, fashion is about self expression and individuality, and that doesn't ALWAYS mean it's the "latest style."

(All images used will have a metaphorical meaning. This is from Rapi Kapur)


I want to talk to you about breaking out. What I mean by this is, breaking out of the societal expectations of what you should and shouldn't wear.

Once you follow these tips and tricks, you will be dressing how YOU want to dress in no time. I want to share a story with you.

The story you are about to read, has helped me discover a passion of mine. I love to help others, I want to help you feel confident enough to be you.

For years in my old school I would be made fun of for what I wore "You dress too fancy for school." Or "you look like you are in a fashion show, not public school." Because who brings a purse to school? Well, I have pretty thick skin so I still wore what I wanted, despite the rude comments. I guess once I even dressed "fancy" & wore JEANS during midterm week...

This blog is for those people who get made fun of for their style, something that should express you, not oppress you. I'm very sorry for those people who wear outfits just to fit in, just because they don't want to face cruel people. I had to deal with it for a while, but fashion shouldn't make someone a target to vulgar language & comments.

Some people in the past asked me how to overcome it, and honestly it has to come from within. If you love it & feel good in it, NO OTHER opinion should matter. Be YOU, and don't let anyone change that. Be bold, don't be afraid to stand out. How boring would this world be if everyone was the same?



This picture I took represents the harsh time in my life, the time where my fashion sense was a problem to others. The hateful comments were pretty cruel, hence the rain.

Though I decided to shine through like the rainbow in this image, and so could you. I want to see you take a bad situation and turn it into something beautiful. Life is a learning experience, and if you could transpire this growth into any type of life situation, you will be golden when it comes to working in any industry. I take this situation and apply it to my everyday life, now nothing could stop me from obtaining my dreams or keep me from being myself.


This sunRISE represents you. Rise up, I know you can! I hope this inspired you to break free from others opinions. The most important opinion should be your own. Let's stand up for self expression.

Lots of love xoxo; Marissa Rose

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