Start "liking" yourself

Start "Liking" Yourself -

Start "liking" yourself

Sometimes we spend so much time "liking" and supporting other people's Instagrams, tweets, Facebook posts, and youtube videos that we forget to like ourselves.

I don't mean that we forget to "like" our own social media content. I mean we forget to love ourselves and be happy with who we are as human beings. Instead we criticize ourselves, we look in the mirror and immediately point out what we think are our imperfections. 

News flash: Nobody's perfect.

Not you, not me, not that bikini model you follow on insta. Everyone is flawed, and everyones "flaws" are the very thing that makes them unique. 

We judge ourselves so harshly, when in reality we should be our own biggest fans.

Next time you look in the mirror, instead of thinking about things you would change about your body, or the things you don't like.

Think to yourself 3 things you love about your body.

Tell yourself that you are beautiful, because you are.

You just have to believe it. There is no one else like you. The chances of you existing are so incredible.

You are incredible. Start acting like it. 

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