An Interview with Anna Esposito, Confidence, Goals & More!

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An Interview with Anna Esposito, Confidence, Goals & More!

Meet Anna Esposito, she's 25 years old, lives in Italy and is pursing a career in the fashion industry. 


What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence for me means feeling good with yourself, being happy with what you are no matter what stereotypes want us to believe which is the “right” way to b


What makes you beautiful? (And you can’t say you’re not, because you are)

It’s really hard for me saying what makes me beautiful. I think it’s my eyes, I like to see how they get lighter with the sun and change colour. It’s those kind of things that I look in others and makes them look beautiful. These small details that makes you unique and different from others


What does inner beauty mean to you?

Beauty is not just about your body, sometimes a good soul can make someone looks more beautiful than any other perfect body. I think kindness makes people beautiful. Lately I have always find people that get mad for no reason, are hateful with others, the whole world is full of hate unfortunately. But if you are kind to others, you can make some else happier too. There’s no such thing as seeing someone smiling sincerely and be kind to you. Positive vibes just bring positive things, and everything can look like going in the right way.

If you have or have dealt with body image issues of your own can you describe them (as much you feel comfortable with sharing) and how you have overcome them?

I have always have been dealing with body image issues, and always have been said that I am not skinny or I am too curvy. Sometimes it hurts, people can be really mean for no reason, but fortunately most of the the time I don’t care at all because I feel good with how I look so I have never lost weight just because somebody told me to. I mean, who said THAT is the right and only way to be? Why I can’t choose for myself? I really don’t understand why people judge or offend someone else by their size, there is no point for me. 

What are your words of advice for girls your age dealing with body image issues. 

You should just ignore them and focus on more other important things in life. I know it sounds obvious, but just think about yourself  and never change for others. Surround yourself of beautiful people that loves you just as you are, and  avoid the negative ones. Shape doesn’t matter of course but keep yourself healthy, that’s the only good and right thing you can do JUST for yourself. 


 What does "being your own kind of beautiful mean to you"?

Being your own kind of beautiful means to be unique, stand out what makes you look different from others, don’t waste your time trying to look just as the others. 
Feel comfortable, do what you like, what makes you happy. Improve yourself everyday, be curious and make your knowledge grow, be someone that inspire others to be better.

Who or what inspires you?

I was lucky that I have met so many strong women lately and that’s what inspires me: women that have managed to solve big problems just by theirselves, got through bad times never loosing their smiles, and in the meantime, took care of their family and succeded with their career too. Instead of being jealous of someone who is better than us in somethings, or knows more than us, get inspire by them and try to take as much as possible from them.


Tell us about your career!

I graduated in fashion design last year, then I have done one year internship in a product development office for a famous brand and now I am in a style department for another company. If you want to work in the fashion world you have to get so much experience, so you have to be really patient too. Internships are not well paid so it’s really hard sometimes, but if you manage to learn as much as possible, you can improve and always get better. I have always known that this was the job for me, it makes you travel around the world looking for the new trends, visit exhibition, deal and meet people from other countries. It make you free your creativity and gives you some many emotions when at the end you see all your work come true in real clothes. It is so hard sometimes but at end of every collection you  will feel so much gratification


 What are your goals for your life?

My life goals are to be independent and just have a successful carreer, and always improve. I want to travel the whole world, I just love trying others country food and meet other cultures. And of course, have a family too. 

What’s your favorite fashion trend at the moment?

I really liked how “ comfortable” came back as a fashion trend. I really love seeing those oversized jackets, straight jeans or trousers, and those tiny sunglasses too, it reminds me of my parents’ photos when they were young. I just find it so cool, and honestly there’s no such thing of feeling comfortable and being fashionable at the same time.


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